How long does it take to ship from China to Thailand?

Thailand has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years and is one of the world’s newly industrialized countries and emerging market economies in the world. The main economic development is dominated by manufacturing, agriculture and tourism. The main ports in Thailand are Bangkok (Bangkok), Laem Chabang (laem chabang), Lai Krabang (lat krabang) and so on. Taking Bangkok Port as an example, there are many shipping companies such as APL, CMA, CNC, MCC, etc. from China Shipping to Thailand, and the voyage generally takes about 4-8 days.

Generally speaking, container ships from China Shipping to Thailand mainly call at two ports of Bangkok and Laem Chabang after arriving in Thailand, and the time limit depends on the specific port of departure and port of destination.

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1. Port of Bangkok

It is the largest port in Thailand and one of the 20 largest container ports in the world. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, the center of economy, culture, politics and transportation of the country, and the prosperity of water trade. It is known as “Oriental Venice”. Goods include tobacco, rice, beans, rubber, etc. Imported goods include steel, machinery, medicines, automobiles, food, textiles, etc.

The number of days it takes for Shenzhen, China to reach Bangkok by sea is 4-5 days after sailing.



2. Laem Chabang

Laem Chabang Port is the largest seaport in Thailand. It was put into use in 1998. It is a modern, integrated, and automated deep-water port in Thailand. It operates a Southeast Asian commercial port with port infrastructure standard specifications and a high level of management. It can dock bulk carriers and containers. Ships, large passenger ships and car carriers, the port throughput ranks 20th in the world (2015).

The number of days it takes for Shenzhen, China to reach Laem Chabang by sea is 4-5 days after sailing.

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When Chinese goods arrive at the seaport of Thailand by sea, they must go through import customs clearance procedures. This process may take 1-2 days after the date the shipment arrives at the seaport and will be completed on the same day. To ensure timely delivery of goods, it is best to entrust a trusted freight forwarding company.

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