Project Logistics–RO-RO

Focus Global Logistics focus on vehicles, machinery, equipment cargo transportation for long time, maintain cooperative relations with most of the RO-RO shipping owners, routes covering South East Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, the Mediterranean sea, etc. According to the requirements of customers for shipping schedule and service, we can provide professional transportation solution for customers with sufficient space and good service.

From the viewpoint of saving transportation cost and feasibility, for the self-powered vehicle and engineering equipment, we can choose the ro-ro transportation, such as: auto cranes, excavators, bulldozers, rollers, sprinkler, loaders, cars, bus, truck, dump truck, concrete pump truck, oil tank truck, semi-trailer, etc.; Of course, the goods with wheels/tracks but without power can be externally towed to RO-RO vessel, and the goods without power and without wheels/tracks can also be bundled on the MAFI board and ship with RO-RO vessel.


RO-RO specialized in carrying vehicles. The loading of RO-RO is flexible and efficient, and does not rely on port lifting equipment. All the goods in the ro-ro ship are basically packed in the cargo, which provides a high degree of protection for the goods. However, the RO-RO shipping owners are mainly from Europe, South Korea and Japan, with less space and shipping time. For unpowered goods, they need towing head or MAFI board and other equipment, which comes with a substantial price.

Even if the port equipment condition is very poor, the roll-on/roll-off ship can also be loaded and unloaded efficiently. Roll-on/roll-off ship is better than container ship, that is, there is no need for lifting equipment on the dock, and no need for large-scale transformation, expansion of the dock, adding loading and unloading equipment.

RO-RO has more adaptability, not only load the container, but also carry special goods and a variety of bulk goods, have special steel ro-ro shipment steel pipe, steel plate, special vehicles ro-ro shipment railway vehicle, special dedicated ro-ro shipment drilling equipment, agricultural machinery, can also be gathered together a variety of materials and used for military transportation.It can be seen that ro-ro shipment has broad application prospects.