How long does it take to ship by sea from China to Vietnam?

In recent years, trade exchanges between China and Vietnam have been frequent. As an emerging market, Vietnam is developing rapidly. It undertakes the transfer of manufacturing industries from many developed countries and China, requiring a large amount of imported equipment and raw materials. Therefore, the logistics demand from China to Vietnam is increasing day by day. Among them, the shipping line from China to Vietnam is one of the transportation methods that many sellers choose to transport goods to Vietnam. The biggest advantage is that it is cheap and has a large carrying capacity, which is suitable for large Ship goods in bulk.

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Shipping process from China to Vietnam:

1. Booking


Determine the pick-up address, cargo weight, volume, container type, container quantity, starting port, destination port, and loading time.


2. Loading

Arrange loading and fumigation according to the established time.


3. Customs declaration

According to the packing list and invoice of the goods, the customs declaration is carried out for export.


4. Replenishment and bill making

After customs declaration and release, the shipping company will replenish materials and make bills, and check whether the information on the bill of lading is correct.


5. Shipping

Track the ship’s dynamics and determine the arrival time, and send the original bill of lading and certificate of origin to the destination port in advance for customs clearance (the telex release of the bill of lading is not required, and the certificate of origin can be scanned and sent electronically).


6. Customs clearance at the port

A few days before the goods arrive at the port, submit the packing list, invoice, certificate of origin and other materials to the Vietnamese customs system for customs clearance. The certificate of origin can reduce or exempt customs duties.


7. Pay taxes

Follow up the customs system data to calculate the corresponding tariff, and arrange to pay the tax after confirming that it is correct.


8. Pick up the goods

Arrange to pick up the goods after the customs release, if the whole container directly arranges the truck to deliver the goods to the address designated by the consignee. If it is bulk cargo, it will be unpacked in the warehouse first, and then the truck will be arranged to deliver to the designated address of the consignee. If the delivery address is a no-go area, you need to change the pickup truck delivery.


9. Return container

After the cargo is unloaded, the container is transported back to the port for stacking.

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Generally speaking, the shipping time from China to Vietnam is usually about 8-15 days. For example, in the case of container consolidation, because it needs to wait for a container to be filled before it can be shipped, the transportation time is longer than that of the whole container. In addition, the timeliness of logistics shipping from China to Vietnam is affected by many factors, such as insufficient space, bad weather, blocked delivery at the end, etc., which will affect the timeliness of cargo transportation.

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Therefore, we must reserve enough time for the goods to be transported into the warehouse, and we must also choose a reliable Chinese freight forwarder, and the freight forwarder will control the shipping time limit. Shenzhen Focus Global Logistics Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the industry for 22 years. It maintains close and friendly cooperative relations with many well-known shipping companies, provides competitive shipping quotations, and at the same time guarantees timely delivery of goods as much as possible, ensuring shipping from China to Vietnam timeliness. If you have business needs, please feel free to contact us – TEL: 0755-29303225, E-mail:, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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